Welcome to Monomyth, my new blog home for movie, book, and other media / pop culture reflections!

You may already be familiar with my work from the write naked blog, a site which is now evolving to focus on writing and nudity.  Just kidding, of course!  I am actually repurposing write naked for reflections on the life and craft of writing, and I look forward to its growth in that regard.  Hope you will join me there, too!

Meanwhile, movies, books, and other pop cultural phenomena never cease to call out to me – not just for the sake of diversion, but also because they resonate with deeper meaning.  My perspective on the subject is not entirely new; in fact, my eyes were opened to the deeper meaning in the works that I love by the great Joseph Campbell as well as by John Eldredge in his book, Waking the DeadThe point, to put it as succinctly as possible, is that all stories reflect an overarching Great Story – and that Story is the heart, soul, and flow of human life.

I will be moving some of my related former articles to this site and will be posting new material every week.  I hope you will find it interesting and edifying, but most of all, I hope you see threads of your own life’s story in the pages.

Happy New Year!


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