originally posted on Write Naked blog, 6.18.11

Lucinda Shannon

This week, my social networking channels have been flooded with tributes and offers related to Dear Old Dads Day (tomorrow, if you missed the memo).  Now, I love fathers.  It is genuinely heartwarming to be around guys who enjoy and show up for their kids, and I think every family who has one should move heaven and earth to celebrate him tomorrow.

The thing is, that’s just not everyone’s story.  My relationship with my own father has not even gotten off the ground, and my girls’ father maintains an 800-mile distance from them with good intentions but inconsistent support of any kind.  That’s only in our immediate family; millions of Americans struggle with daddy issues.  How do the fatherless generate a positive, healthy response to the celebrations around us? 

The answer to this (and so many questions – at least, around my house) begins with a little therapy in the form of: movies!  Heat some popcorn, settle in, and prepare to…

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